Swear Jar that’s getting donated to Republican anti-abortion campaigns.

So I curse a lot — when I’m with friends, in interviews, at work, working from home, on dates, on the tennis court, over the chessboard.

Interestingly, the only place where I don’t curse and where others do.. is on the road. I’m actually very very calm when I’m driving……

First, what is computer vision and why is it one, so difficult and two, so important?

Short answer: Computer vision is incredibly fascinating (OBJECTIVELY), as you will see in this following article, in terms of being relevant to current and future technological applications and markets, and interesting in terms of the psycho-philosophical meaning behind what vision actually is and what is entails.

Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to work with an incredibly strong team and mentor, with projects in areas that are intoxicatingly strong, interesting, publishable, in the area that I’m most passionate about and foresee working in for the foreseeable future: self driving cars, robots, computer vision, and more specifically data labeling for machine learning.

There’s no way I will or want to mess this up. So if you have stories, cautionary tales, advice, I would really appreciate it if you dropped a line here, on this [ASK]. Thanks in advance.

Narrated by Zhanxi

Some time ago, there existed gods of some sort.

Unfortunately, I cannot say exactly what sort because that knowledge is very much beyond and unknown to me.

What I do know, however, is that the almighties were lonely in their being, and so, as a sort of experimental companionship endeavor…

Let’s create the future in autonomous systems.

Cameras or LIDAR or both? Source

Hi! I’m trying to gather community interest for self-driving cars, please comment/dm me if you have any leads/resources that you’d be willing to share!

Projects I’m working on:

  • making my car go zoom (by itself)
  • creating software/ML models for making self-driving rides more accessible and comfortable for riders
  • 3 more years for my CS Masters at UNC Chapel Hill(!)

I’m currently based in NC, USA. Please buckle your seat belt, check out my profile, and connect with me if you are interested in joining me for any of my self driving adventures. Thanks!

There is no doubt that the social contract in America today facilitates systemic racism. The police brutality in the murder of George Floyd and their attacks on nonviolent people protesting the horrific death of Floyd is symptomatic of that grossly unjust system that has been in place for centuries.

How can we ask a systemically skewed and racist system to let us do all these things?


So to begin with, I will admit that I haven’t been entirely faithful to my plans in the past, and there’s no indication for the you, the outsider, to believe anything I promise I’ll do or say I’ll do. Really. The number of projects I’ve started and dropped is appalling…

The first time I saw a true artist pop open a can of paint was when I was borrowing a room for an installation the freshman year of my college experience at UNC Chapel Hill.

We were both stooping by cans of paint in the hallway. …

A diagram of a stack.
Diagram of a stack.

In a white boarding session with a coding mentor, we went over an extremely common, easy to medium coding problem that involves using stacks.

The problem is: return ‘YES’ if a series of open and closed brackets, braces, and parenthesis is ‘balanced’. Return ‘NO’ if the string is ‘unbalanced’.


[originally published on RapidAPI: https://rapidapi.com/blog/tripadvisor-api-tutorial/]

Let’s create an “Explore the World!” web app with TripAdvisor API. I’ll be showing you how to create the web app from ideation to implementation, and walking you through each step of the way with diagrams, explanations, and code samples.

Let’s get started!

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Zhanxi Ni

Self Driving Car Engineer

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