My Dearest,

How can we ask a systemically skewed and racist system to let us do all these things?

When, we cannot breathe, there is no liberty, no life, no sense of property or pursuit of happiness until that oppressive system has been dismantled.

And so, the question now is, how do we dismantle this inherently sick system? And how do we dialogue with each other in a compassionate way and yet be necessarily, fiercely unyielding and inflexible about our humanity and basic human rights?

We fight.

From the ashes of last week’s and these ongoing protests and anarchy, have we been heard? Oh how have we raged, cried, pained, but do we now have the reins to enact change, as of right now? Do we, and how, do we, continue to escalate until justice has been wrought into our lives?

I don’t know what the future holds, but there is a war for your conscience, my friends, and..

The world is watching.

How will you participate? Which side of history will you be on?




Dreaming her way into the future.

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Zhanxi Ni

Zhanxi Ni

Dreaming her way into the future.

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